MissionMerch founder Sara Sutton travels to Heart of Christ Ministry in Caja de Agua, Peru.

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

At first it made me mad--with all of our American provision, abundance and excess--then it made me sad. And finally: comforting truth and eternal hope from God's Word.

"At first, it made me mad and I wanted to hate the Western Christian Church with all of our provision and abundance and excess. Then it made me sad, because I felt helpless and hopeless..."

I know that scriptures tells me in Galatians 6:9-10, "And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.", but my brain, my heart and my feelings were flooded with frustration. 

The steps up to their home were precarious, to say the least. Hard mud packed with stones and cut into varying sized steps. I counted as I walked; 150, 151, 152. My feet often exceeded the depth of the steps so I walked up them sideways most of the way. The kids darted around us, up and down, off to the left and right, laughing, giggling, playing. 193, 194, 195. My mind wandered to thoughts of my own children. Would they play on the steps like this? would I be able to stand watching them play? Knowing one miss step would cause serious injury or death as they tumbled down the mountain side.

Steps leading to Heart of Christ Minstry
Precarious steps and hard mud stones: 226 precious steps to the ministry.

I looked away as tears flooded my eyes. 223, 224, 225, 226. We arrived. I was panting and my legs were burning, shaking from the climb. They walked these stairs everyday. They traversed this distance to get to the word of God, to hear the good news, to listen to the testimonies, to fellowship with the saints, to bring God glory and honor and praise.   It never rains in Caja De Agua, Peru. Everything is dirty and the higher up the mountain you travel the less infrastructure there is. We were nearly at the top. No power, no water, no medical care, no churches, no help; just survival. Could I live here? Would I live here? Would I walk these stairs everyday to get to church? Would I sacrifice that much time, energy and effort to get to the church? 

Then it came.

The realization that made me mad...sad...frustrated and eventually overwhelmed with truth from God. I sponsor three children here in Caja De Agua. It is $35 a month to sponsor them and 100% of that goes towards their food and supplies. They attend bible classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 45 minutes. They study scripture, memorize verses, prepare presentations and complete homework. How much money would someone have to offer us, American parents, to be willing to walk miles, three days a week. sit in classes, study, work, contribute and sacrifice. Thousands of dollars, I thought! It would have to be thousands! I was mad! I was Sad! I was frustrated...then He spoke to my spirit. $35 is thousands for them. This is their thousands! $35 a month is that life changing. Our abundant provision in the western church is either a curse that is keeping us from knowing, worshiping and serving God, or it is a blessing that we are stewards over for the purpose of changing lives in the name of Jesus Christ! There is was, His Truth! His Freedom! His Hope! His Purpose! Thank you God! 

Sara Sutton Heart of Christ Ministry
His purpose brings blessing. Even with little, God makes much.

How are you using your abundant provision? 

Is it a curse or a blessing?

I brought back a suitcase full of goods from Caja De Agua, Peru. At MissionMerch we offer items like hats, blankets, coin purses and bracelets. The sales directly support these families and change their lives.

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To Sponsor a child in Caja De Agua, Peru visit www.hofcm.org

Sara Sutton

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